Who Decides Who Is Right?

Updated: Jul 15

The closer I get to Jesus the more in awe I am at this creation.

Our all knowing God that knows the beginning and the end Fore knew what his creation would need to be for an experience for all mankind. He knew how many different religions or belief systems would come into existence. He knew how man would evolve. There’s not one thing that happens that surprises him.

We are all raised to believe certain things by the people and environment that we grow up in. When we realize this, how can we as people decide to judge anyone by their beliefs? Who do “we” judge or condemn for someone’s belief? The person who was raised to believe a certain way? The one who raised them to believe that way?

Is this why God told us to not judge each other? To instead love and encourage and uplift each other.

Today I stand amazed at how I now understand how we are told to “rightly divide the word “.

It’s rightly divided as we each grow and learn. Today one part of the word will mean something totally different to me than it meant twenty years ago or what it may mean twenty years from now.

While other things in the word will always mean the same. The word doesn’t change but we as a human do. Each day life forces us to change because of our circumstances. But to love our creator and to love one another is unchanging regardless of any circumstances.

When I read the scripture in James 1: 27 my eyes were opened. “Religion that God the Father finds pure and acceptable is this, to look after orphans and widows in their distress and not allow oneself to be polluted by the world “.

How might our world be different if that was the only religion that existed? That instead of spending our time here arguing over who is right or who is wrong we just all wanted each other taken care of? If we truly allowed God to sort it out instead of us? Just a thought! God bless

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