When God Decides To Test Our Faith

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

I have a dear friend that is living in California and as most probably know that’s not the best place to live these days. With wildfires and Covid 19 ravaging the streets and woodlands almost all have been negatively effected in some way.

Barbara and her mentally challenged sister Patty are no exception. Sadly they are alone there with no other living family and no husband to help bear the burdens or make decisions on what is the next “right”thing to be done. Forced out of their rental home once the wildfires began they have been sharing a two bed hotel room now for several months. Just shortly after their forced move I suggested that Barbara and her sister leave California and move to where I live in North Alabama. Barbara quickly agreed along with Patty and we began to try to figure out the fastest most economical way to get them here. Of course once we set out to do this and planned to start with prayer and depending on God to help us things got thick like quicksand fast.

Barbara let me know her car was not working as it should and she really had very little idea what was wrong, how to fix it or who she might find to work on it with all that was going on in her community. She then received notice that her car had a recall, nothing extremely serious, but that it could not be scheduled for repair until mid October. She began to call around to see about renting a SUV or moving truck and quickly found out that to move that distance would cost several thousand dollars. So I suggested she set up a gofundme account and see if God would bless it. Once we got it started it only took a couple of days and it was up to $1695. God was on the move. or so we thought.

We waited and continued to pray but the fund didn’t grow anymore, after many weeks of trying to figure it out we were both at a stand still. Neither of us understanding why God would bring it that far then just drop the ball. Many calls made to local churches and organizations in her area brought no real help. Then today, as I was talking to her over the phone God finally spoke to me and said “You’re not waiting on me, I’m waiting on her”. I wish I knew how to explain that in a brief moment it all became so clear to me, it was like God showing me a mini movie for a brief moment. It was so clear what he was doing, he was testing us both. That’s when I understood, God had supplied me and my desire to help her once she arrived here. He had provided her just enough money for gas and hotel rooms for the trip, now he wanted her to gather her belongings, get in her not so trustworthy car and BELIEVE he would get her here safe and sound. He wants to test her Faith.

Can her car possibly make it with zero problems? Yes if that is God’s will. Could it stall and leave her stranded on the side of the road? Yes, if that’s God’s will. When we trust God’s word and his promises and truly believe his will is ALWAYS to prosper us and when we truly believe that if God be for us who can be against us, we know that whatever happens in any circumstance “Is God’s Will”. We often forget that when things happen like ending up stranded on the side of the road has a purpose. We may not see or understand it’s purpose instantly, it may be years before we look back and think “Oh now I get it” but everything that happens to us has a “God” purpose behind it.

God sees our future, he already knows what is in our path, he has prepared the way and only ask that we trust him in every circumstance. Believe me I know how hard it is to throw all caution to the wind and just say “God’s Got It“, but when I remember all the great people in the Bible and how they prayed for help, listened to God’s instructions and went ahead and stepped out in faith before they ever saw his plans, I am convinced that's the same God we still have today working in our lives. God uses everyday and every circumstance to test our faith in him.

I’m praying my friend finds the courage to trust that he will be with her all the way. Not just on this move but in every circumstance life throws in her future. I reminded her and now I remind you that the whole purpose we are here experiencing this thing called “Life” is to one day have a testimony of how great our Heavenly Father God is. How he has never left our side, how he sent his son here to be the ultimate sacrifice for each of us and how his most important commandment is to love him and have FAITH that he too loves us and only wants to prosper us and hold true to his promises.

Now I will finish by saying this. I would never leave my friend stranded on the side of the road and God knows that. That's probably why he put me here to help her. This may be his way of testing us both and I for one plan on us both passing the test of Faith. To God Be The Glory when it all comes to pass.

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