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What He’s Taught Me

Today God chose to let me open my eyes again to his beautiful new mercies and I am so grateful. I'm grateful that he allows me the choice to see the world as a crumbling darkness that is nearing its end OR as his beautiful creation that he planned so perfectly. He assures me this morning that HE is still in control of ALL things. He promises me that we don’t have to worry when we place our trust in him alone.

He sent me a message that he wants us to pray for all or leaders in this world, in our countries and cities and communities. He reminded me that when we raise them up to him that we can rest assured he is still in the business of bringing all this to pass that ensures HE gets ALL the glory. He reminded me of how he hardened the heart of pharaoh so many times in order for “his plan” of Israel seeing his mighty miracles so that they would know “he alone “ was BOSS.

Oh what a MIGHTY God we serve! To live as he

lived, love God and one another.

When we see God, ourselves and our world through the lens of love and we decide to always let God/Love lead every situation it is then that LIGHT destroys the darkness that so threatens to overtake! Chose Love, choose Light, Choose Christ!

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