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Updated: May 23

May 23,2023

A few years ago I found a journal where Steves mom had kept notes of a study of the Bble she was participating in. Flipping through it I found where she had written these words... Religion is the antichrist. I can say I was shocked! How could she possibly think that?

Sitting here tonight I can honestly say she is correct.

Sadly I don't believe most understand just how far evil would go to give off a “fake” light.

The religion most of us witness today is not centered on what “Jesus” taught or what the Bible as a WHOLE teaches. Instead of taking the whole story and teaching on sacrificial unconditional love and recognizing that it clearly states that the Word is used to discern the hearts of man ( Hebrews4:12) it is disected and taught based on human ego’s, hatred, jealousy, and on and on. Using scripture to say someone is not worthy of the love of the one who created them. It's used to divide humankind instead of bringing it together.

Hanging on the cross Jesus never said Father forgive some for they know not what they do. He said Father forgive THEM for they know not what they do. Them means ALL.

Religion teaches that our salvation depends on what WE can do instead of what Jesus DID. Rarely do we hear a sermon on the greatest two commandments according to Jesus but mostly we hear what the apostles thought many years after the fact as far as their memory served them or what was passed down by mouth.

Who am I to say this? How do I know? God has shown me that the only person I can count on in this life is HIM. We must have a personal relationship with HIM! Not our pastor or Sundsy school teacher.

Now let me also say that religion does serve a purpose in God’s plan. Everything is used to teach. Everything good and bad teaches us valuable lessons. Each one resulting in knowing we have ONE and only ONE that we can count on to never leave us, to always always hear us and that never takes his sight off of us. This has been my life experience. I've lived it, this is not hear say I give, it's through trial and tribulations and a personal relationship with our heavenly Father that causes me to feel confident in what he has shown me and expects me to share with all that have ears to hear.

If you are attending church and think that it's all you need to do to find Jesus then you are being led astray. If you have not yet discerned that life and being a Christ follower is about being a servant and about putting yourself last and sacrificing for others and being in constant dialog with him then I implore you to find a space where you can be alone and pray and ask him to open up the communication line between him and you.

He truly loves us and his creation. Once he made us and this world he sat down to rest and he's still there waiting for each of us to WANT a relationship with him out of love ,admiration, and friendship. He fashioned us to desire love because he desires we love him because we WANT to not because he forces us to. Who of us wants anyone to love us that we have to

force to love us? If you can't love someone who loves you without conditions who can you love? Anyone at all? He loves us more than any mother or father here can, more than any sibling or spouse can. HE is the only thing that can fill that hole inside us all.

Those that preach and teach are not the bad guys that I'm saying is the antichrist. It's the way humans use them and the buildings and their tools as idols. Many spend minute after minute trying to decipher the WORD instead of spending those minutes having a relationship with the one who gave those words to us. They make the WORD their God. Teachers are placed on pedestals that serve as God’s by many and this is certainly not what God intended to happen. Our freewill has allowed this and it must cease.

There is a time for “church” but it is more for our human need for fellowship than it is for a relationship with our creator.

God has taught me to not fear man or what man might say about what I'm saying here. God knew when he made me I would be right here tonight typing this out. He planned it himself. I am confident of that.

Why did that local pastor not reply to my call for help 5 days ago? Because he wasn't supposed to reply. Why? Because God was showing me once again I can only depend on him for my answers and to fulfill my every need.

We sadly allow the world to teach us that we control our lives yet in reality we control very little. What God has shown me is we do not control our circumstances as much as we think but we can control our reaction to our circumstances. How can we control them? By allowing him only to lead and guide us through this maze called life. He created it and no one knows the way out better than the maker. He wants to know if we would still love him even if he could do nothing for us. I say yes!

Thank you Jesus for leading the way and for your most selfless sacrifice on Calvery. Thank you for standing in my place and allowing yourself to be seen instead of me before our mighty Holy loving Father in heaven. Thank you for coming to rescue me everytime without fail. Thank you for cleansing us all so that we too may have eternal life through you!

March 15,2023

I'm sitting here at home after just laying precious baby Montana down for a nap thinking of all the things God has changed inside of me which then brought change outside of me. All the things that he stripped away that were so dark, so ugly, so painful that he then replaced with pure love and the most beautiful action words of mercy and grace. Not just his for me but he instilled it my heart to give it to myself and then others too.

Maybe many will laugh when I say I believe the narrow way is LOVE. They will laugh because many think they possess LOVE. I guess maybe most of us do to some point or another. I'm speaking of pure unconditional love tho. The kind God has for us.

It's a love that embraces all things and all people as beautiful expressions of our creator. Even the broken pieces are so very beautiful. Even the dark can be seen as the useful tool it was made it be.

Jesus said there was no greater love than to lay one's life down for a friend just as he proved on Calvary. He then ask if we want to be his friend we too must lay down our dreams, our needs, our wants and instead give our life as a sacrifice to put others needs first.

When I had come to the end of myself and could find no reason to want to continue forward on my journey is when he said “ok, now, I can work with this empty shell”.

He surrounded me with strangers in need to care about instead. He said stop all this self pity and let me show you all the things you have been blessed with that you so easily take for granted. So he sent homeless, jobless, alcoholics and drug addicts, children raised in foster care, children beaten and raped by those who claimed to love them, people cast out by society because they were nothing more than poor. Everyday I was shown how very blessed I had always been. I was so ashamed of all I had taken for granted. Loving these helped me to then love my life again, he had given me purpose, his purpose of loving unconditionallly filled with mercy and grace for every soul I meet.

I could never write enough pages to adiequately describe all he has taught me and brought me through. I can say the answer to what is this life experience for, he did it all for LOVE!

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