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Praying For Our Enemies

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Today as I read David’s prayer in Chapter 17 of Psalms , I wonder how God felt when he prayed that his enemies and their children be destroyed. How do we reconcile this with other scripture when Jesus said we should pray for our enemies and that we should love them as ourselves? Do we realize that the Word is being used to discern ”our own” heart? When we read things like this how does our heart react to it? Do we understand David’s feelings and hope too that God will destroy or punish our enemies? Or do we understand that at this time in David’s life he did not yet posses “perfect love”? Love that doesn’t seek vengeance. Love that forgives? Love that truly hopes and prays that his enemies eyes will be opened, that their ears will hear and their hearts be softened to the perfect Love of God. As followers of Christ we too should pray for Abba to give us this heart for our enemies. So many love to tell that not all will make it to heaven yet we are told it’s God’s hope that all do. It’s hard to imagine any person that would be happy knowing any other person might spend eternity in hell. If you have hard feelings against someone that cause you to not care where they spend eternity I beg you to ask God to give you his heart for others.

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