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Poems To ABBA

Updated: Mar 10

In September of 2019 I was thrown head first into God’s Refiner Fire. Not only was it the first and only time I’ve experienced this, I also had no idea what it even was. It just so happened that I few weeks in I found where Peter talked about it in the New Testament and knew instantly that was where I was. It was then I started keeping a journal and would soon be led to write poetry. Please know I’m not a writer or poet. I have been led tho to share some here and I will only to be obedient. If nothing else I hope they might help who ever reads them to know that we all struggle for acceptance and long to know that God sees and hears our cries.


The day just felt normal

As she lifted her head

From the feathery soft pillow

She had slept on in bed

The morning was cloudy and

Hinted of rain as occasional

Sun beams burst through the shade

She opened her eyes to seek him again

Being told he's inside her

The answer within

But today it seemed different

Why she couldn't quiet say

Today she felt he loved her

Nor was he going away

Not knowing what had changed

Or what switch had been flipped

But she found him there waiting

So She invited him in

His love was so pure

Not demanding a thing

For he loved who she was

And expected no change

He said he had waited and

Watched from the side

Praying one day she would open her eyes

And see how he loved her

With exuberant pride


I wake up every morning

So grateful for the day

Forever sing your glory and offer up my praise

Through sunshine or deep darkness

You forever call my name

Gently always guiding along the narrow way

Mercy you afford me

Grace you open wide

Laughter wraps around me and fills the space inside

Compassion all consuming

Love heals up every bruise

Eternity always fusing

Tearing out all gloom and doom

Your Holy Spirit surrounds me

Teaching me your ways

Giving always giving

Never more to feel ashamed


Psalm 25 To My King

Show Me Your Ways Lord

Teach Me Your Paths

Guide Me In Truth And Teach Me

For You God Are My Savior

In You I Will Hope All Day Long

When I Am Lost

And Feeling Alone

And I Don't Know

What I Should Do

I Think Of These Words

From Your Holy Book

And Sing Them Out To You

Show Me Your Ways Lord

And Teach Me Your Paths

Guide Me In Truth And Teach Me

For You God Are My Savior

In You I Will Hope All Day Long

When Days Are So Long

And Nights Grow So Dark

And Life’s Battles Have

Left Me So Bruised

I Just Close My Eyes

And Drown Out The World

And Send Up My Smoke Signal Tune

Show Me Your Ways Lord

Teach Me Your Paths

Guide Me In Truth And Teach Me

For You God Are My Savior

In You I Will Hope All Day Long

Oh Precious Savior

My Glorious Groom

My King Above All Other Kings

Please Hear The Cry Of Your Beloved Dear Bride

And Bend Your Ear Close Down To Me

My Heart Sends A Prayer

It’s Psalm 25

That I Sing Soley To Thee

Author Leslie Malone


Not Today

Not Today Satan

Today You Will Not Win

I Rebuke You In The Name

Of Jesus

My Love That Lives Within

I'm Standing Firm With Armor

A Sword Of Truth Held In My Hand

I've Come To Fight This Battle

To Destroy This Life Of Lack

I'm Expelling Every Demon

You Have Put Here On Attack

I Stand Upon Your Neck

As I Stomp Upon Your Head

For I Take With Me No Prisoners

I'm Leaving You Here For Dead

With Me Comes Heaven's Army

Refreshed New For This Attack

And With It My Beloved

There'll Be No Turning Back

His Word Dispells Confusion

Depression, Anxiety

His Love It Is A Fusion

That Overtakes My Heart

Erupting All Within Me

To Ignite Eternal Sparks

We're Leaving You Behind Us

Converging In The Light

I Say This Battles Over

His Love Alone Has Won This Fight


I guard my words

And bite my tongue

For they control my fate

My thoughts I wrestle to conform

As they shape my future days

I Think on things of beauty

Mercy and on Grace

Always I’m forgiving

I've found the narrow way

To lift one up with loving words

No bruise do I dare leave

To take my neighbors  by the hand

And lead them home with me

To our loving Savior

That waits there at the end

To attend our royal wedding

And to spend eternity with him

For this life is only fleeting

Here on this ball that spins

Our forever home awaiting

Where true love surly has  no end

Leslie Renee



On Fire For My Mighty Savior

He Has Opened ALL The Once Closed Doors

To My Future Filled With Favor

And Life With Him Forever More

He Has Given Up The Secret

The Mystery Is Opened Wide

Narrow Is The Path

Where Pure Love For All Resides

This Joy I Can't Contain It

For It Vibrates From Deep Within

Like Fuel It Is Flaming

As It Cleanses Me Of Sin

Depression Can No Longer Live Here

Sadness Can't Abound

Peace Flows Here Like Water

As Mercy's Fire Comes Raining Down

A Candle I Become

His Flame Now Burns So Bright

I Step Into The Darkness

To Shine Forth His Glorious Light

Leslie Renee'




Steady, Steady You Say

Keep Your Eyes On Me

I'm In Charge Of This Day

Anchor Your Thoughts

Raise High Your Hopes

Don't Fear The Cliff

I Am Your Rope

Keep Your Eye Focused

Straight Up Ahead

To The Left Or The Right

You'll Only Find Dread

Voices All Calling

Come Here Or There

Noise, So Much Noise

Only After Your Head

Just Keep Me The Center

Of Your Circle And Square

I'll Send You The Helper

To Teach You All Truth

I AM Pure Love So That

Means So Are You

I Created It All

Beginning To End

There Is Nothing To Fear

For I Call You My Friend

So Sing When You're Happy

Sing When You're Sad

Sing When You're Tired

Sing When You're Mad

Sing Each Time It's Tears

That You've Shed

Praise Is The Answer

Joy Is Your Cure

You Aren't Forgotten

Just Be Who You Are

Leslie Renee



Down The Bumpy Road Of Life

I Took Some Turns That Weren't So Right

I Thought Once I Could Live Them All

The Dreams I Wrote On My Mental Walls

The World Was Mine Alone To Hold

I Would Tame It Before It Saw Me Fold

I Would Go All In And Call It's Bluff

After All Life's Circumstances Had Made Me Tough

The One Thing I Did Not Foresee

Was The Day You Would Come

To Call On Me

Like A Theif

You Snuck In

To Convict Me Of All My Worldly Sin

You Made The FireYou Stoked So Hot

Pounding Me On Your Smith's Iron Block

Your Fuller's Soap Healed The Rot

It Didnt Take Long

Then I Got Up

The Love You Gave Me

Grew Like Fire

Healing All The Hurt Inside

Into The World I Showed Your Flame

That Rescues Others From Their Pain

My Family Members All Were Saved

By Your Beautiful Amazing Grace

Each One Was Healed

And All Made Brand New

Forgiveness, We All Found Within

The Walls Came Down

When You Stepped In

Our Future's We All Gave To You

Trusting Your Plan As You Tell Us To

The Church Was Saved With All It's Lost

Because Of Your Gift At Such Great Cost

Your Precious Jesus Upon The Cross

Thank You Jesus

Love, Us All

Leslie Renee 8/30/2022


Oh the Joy the morning brings

As the sun bellows through my window panes

The LORD calls us higher

To see the day from his view

Mercy and Grace blow through the wind

Beckoning us all to begin anew

To throw off the worries

That darken our thoughts

Dust off our lanterns

And shine our light bright

Forgive our trespassers

And pray them all blessed

For we all live here

In a life full of test

Put on a smile and flash it around

Lift up some souls that feel so down

Strangers are kinder when they don’t see a frown

Search for the needy and do what you can

Help carry the burden of your fellow man

For we all need encouragement to keep looking up

Because only by Grace is it not us holding that cup

Visit the sick, the elders and lost

God loves us all and paid a great cost

Be a Disciple

Carry Your Cross

Leslie Renee 10/20/22


I No Longer Care If I finish First Or Last

I No Longer Care If I'm This or I'm That

I No Longer Care What Anyone Thinks

I'm Just Trying My Best To Be The Best Me

Some Days Are Better Than Others For Sure

I Fall Down And Get Up And Try To Move Forward

I Wasn't The One Who Died On Calvary's Cross

Jesus Did That So That Makes Him The Boss

I Cannot Save You, Only He Can

But I Am Happy To Lend

All That I Have

A Kind Word of Encouragement

Mercy And Grace

I'll Listen Intently As Your Finding Your Place

If You Are Hungry

I'll Cook You A Feast

If Cold I Will Warm You

Give You Shoes For Your Feet

A Soft Bed To Lay Own

Next To A Soft Glowing Light

I'll Whisper God Bless You

As We Lock Up For The Night

I'll Haul You Around To Help

Find You A Job

Take You Back Home To See Your Dear Mom

If You Ask Me To Go One Mile In Your Shoes

I'll Try To Go Two

So I Truly Understand

How Deep You Are Bruised

I'll Send Up Prayers

For You Each Night

Asking Our Father

To Make All Things Right

But No I Can't Save You From

This Barren Land

God's The Creator

So Only He can

Leslie R. 10/17/22


Holy Spirit

Come Sweet Holy Spirit

Fill My Heart Within

Cast Aside All Stagnation

Cleanse Me Of All Sin

Fill Me Up With Joy

Let Hope Inside Me Rise

Please Be My Holy Helper

Stay Right Here By My Side

Bring Water To My Dry Bones

Divine Breath Into My Lungs

Cast Out All Confusion

Show Me The Pathway Home

Chains Are Now All Broken

No Longer To Weigh Down

Shattered Pieces Mended

Mercy All Around

Good Works He Has Ordained

For All The World To See

The Heart Of My Dear Father

That Lives Inside Of Me

His Merciful Demeanor

Loving Compassionate True Ways

His Joy Always Substaining

My Footsteps And My Days

His Light Forever Growing

Brighter With Each New Day

The Fire Burning In Me

Forever Be Ablaze

Help Me To Know Him Better

Teach Me To Love Him More

So I Can Live Forever

With Him On Heaven's Shore

Leslie Malone 10/10/22


Don't Let Me Miss You

I Must Have Held Your Hand So Tight

On That Day We Said Goodbye

You Must Have Felt My Pain

As I Looked Into Your Eyes

Jesus Please Don't Let Me Miss You

As You Faded Out Of View

Through The Womb I Journeyed Here

To Face The Great Unknown

Looking For A Home Away

From The Only Home I Had Ever Known

With Your Careful Gaze You Watched

As The Years Passed Slowly By

Hearing All My Childlike Thoughts

As I Stared Up At The Sky

I Did Not Know What I Was Missing

But I Knew I Truly Did

Not Belong To This Place

Which Then Caused My Heart To

Fill With Dread

I Prayed To You As I Was Taught

My Heart Was Pure It Seemed

Love Grew There Without A Thought,

No Filter, Vails or Screens

I Asked You To Keep Us Safe

To Forgive All of Us Our Sins

Even Then I Could Not Embrace

You Would Do Anything Less Than This

As I Lay There In My Bed

With Child's Eyes Upon The Stars

Not Quiet Knowing For Whom

I Was Longing Or Of What

Life Held In My

Hand Of Cards

Many Trials I Have Now Faced

But You've Been Here Through Them All

Never Turning Away Your Grace

Whether My Sin Be Big Or Small

True Love So Unconditional

Was All I Received From You

Forever Pushing Me Forward

With Your Gentle, Loving Tunes

Now I'm Looking At New Horizons

With Hope And Awe In You

Leslie Malone


The Midnight Hour

In The Stillness Of The Midnight Hour

While All The Worlds Asleep

You Join Me In My Secret Place

To Fill My Heart With Peace

No Matter How Dark The Day

Or How Long The Storm Did Rail

Your Love Falls Down Around Me

As Your Spirit Lingers There

You Dry My Tears With Your Gentle Breath

And Your Glory Shines So Bright

You Tell Me All Will Be Ok

And There’s Rest For Me Tonight

And As I Lay Upon My Bed

You Sit So Close To Me

Then You Sing Your Lullabies

As I Quietly Fall To Sleep

Author Leslie Renee Malone


I Want To Be The Strong Woman

You Want For Me To Be

One That Doesn’t Let Doubt

Reign Here Over Me

One That Walks With Her Head Held High

So That When People See Me They Know They See A Child Of The Upmost High

One Who’s Heart Is As Pure As Gold

Showing Love And Compassion

Wherever She Goes

One That Can Drop Anything That She Holds

To Pray For A Friend Or Even A Foe

One Who Will Share Whatever She’s Got

Who Doesn’t Shrink Back When Cost Is A Thought

One With A Passion For Loving Her God

Showing Him He’s Never Forgotten

But Always First In Her Life

So Mold Me And Make Me

Please Shape Me Like Her

Like A Beautiful Bride

To Forever Be Yours

Author Leslie Renee Malone


Gods Poets

You Made Us Your Poets

And Lover’s Of Souls

Filled With Compassion

Our Hearts That You Hold

You Gave Us A Light

To Shine Bright Towards You

To Show All Your Love

That Could Make All Things anew

Our Pen Is Our Sword

And Our Hearts On Our Sleeve

We’re Marching Toward Zion

To Live With Our King

Jesus Forever The Master of Peace

Author Leslie Renee Malone


Sitting Here Just Thinking Of

The Day You Came With Your Tender Love

Oh What Sorrow I Was In

The Deepest Pit Of My Sin

You Came In Like A Gentle Breeze

Waves Of Love Washed Over Me

In And Out Like The Tide

Cleansing Me From Side To Side

Storms Did Rage And I Dared To Think

Upon Each One I Would Surly Sink

To The Bottom With No Return

But Still You Saved With Your Strong Arm

Days I Lay Upon My Bed

Praying “God I Feel Such Dread”

Then You’d Whisper In My Ear

“Get Up Child, It’s Only Fear”

Fear Not I Tell You So Many Times

Run To Me For A Place To Hide

I Am Waiting To Pull You In

To My Arms Where Healing Begins

Author Leslie Renee’ Malone


Cry’s To My Savior

I‘m So Tired Of Hurting

So Tired Of This Pain

Jesus Please Jesus

Help Me I Pray

Break Down These Walls

that I Felt I Must Build Up

Saving My Life Was My Only Thought

I Had Not Learned On You To Depend

I Thought I was Too Lost

In My Shame And My Sin

So Bruised And Broken

By Their Hateful Words

So Isolated Due To Their Lack Of Love

I Know That They Did The Best That They Could

Because Like Me It Was Darkness They Grew Up In

With Only A Small Hope Within

Please Search My Heart

Find Where it’s Broke

Tenderly Mend It And

Dress It With Love

Help Me To Find You

And Give You My Heart

So I Can Walk Within Your Beautiful Light

Author Leslie Renee’ Malone


Someone’s shooting a Gun outside

Our worlds gone mad

In you I hide

I don’t feel their angst,

their rage or fear

I’m OK with you right here

You hold me close

whispering my name

Saying “Don’t look,

it’s still the same”

You say “Be happy” feel secure

You belong to me now

in that be sure

You tell me look up

at your deep blue sky

past the Sun and Stars

to the heavens on high

Rejoice and dance,

praise your name,

You’re with me in the storm

my shelter from the rain

You say "stick around child

I’m going to use you

to convince this world

there's no need to feel blue

Remind them of my

unconditional love

To just repent and pray

to me up above

I’ll come running to them

as I did you

To make their Grey skies

the brightest blue

To show them the mysteries

of me above

The beginning where it started

This thing called love

When they put me first

above all else

Instead of down low

or up on a shelf

I’ll teach them how

you’re all just here

For the test, to learn

different lessons

That you hoped to be best

From Glory to Glory they will learn

What that means

How to see around what this evil

world schemes

To focus on me and nothing else

So I can come lead them to victory

And everything that foretells.

Author Leslie Renee' Malone


Dream Again

You pulled me from prison

you opened the latch

You held out your hand

strongholds no longer attached

You mended my heart

you vanquished my sin

You said " Now beloved

this is where we begin"

You took your strong hands and reshaped my mind

told me to leave all my worries behind

You said to look up

keep my eyes just on you

Nothing on earth beats the view beside you

You planted me firm on your solid rock

You showed me your vision

your plan from the start

You taught me to love

through untethered eyes

To never give up

regardless of sight

To always believe in things not yet seen

to open my heart and to once again dream.

Author Leslie Renee'


No matter what tomorrow may bring

I'm standing today on your promises deemed

Each day I look forward to the new mystery

That points me to you and all that that means

I'll count it all joy

There can be no more doubt

That you alone decide when I come in and go out

I'll take time to listen to your every word

Knowing their life and that matters for sure

Thanks for your spirit

That guides me each day

Showing me when to step out in faith.

Author Leslie Renee'


You saw me by the river

You felt my broken heart

You heard me cry "forgive me Father

please send your fiery spark"

I need to know you see me

please show me that you're here

Standing right beside me

in my moment of despair

I took your love for granted

I let the whole world rule me

Please can you forgive me

place me back in your reach ?

Your love is so amazing

your Grace beyond compare

For me you sent a Savior

my salvation you meant to spare.

Author Leslie Renee'