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Updated: Feb 23

In September of 2019 I was thrown head first into God’s Refiner Fire. Not only was it the first and only time I’ve experienced this, I also had no idea what it even was. It just so happened that I few weeks in I found where Peter talked about it in the New Testament and knew instantly that was where I was. It was then I started keeping a journal and would soon be led to write poetry. Please know I’m not a writer or poet. I have been led tho to share some here and I will only to be obedient. If nothing else I hope they might help who ever reads them to know that we all struggle for acceptance and long to know that God sees and hears our cries.

❤️ Someone’s shooting a Gun outside

Our worlds gone mad

In you I hide

I don’t feel their angst, their rage or fear

I’m OK with you right here

You hold me close whispering my name

Saying “Don’t look, it’s still the same”

You say “Be happy” feel secure

You belong to me now in that be sure

You tell me look up at your deep blue sky

past the Sun and Stars to the heavens on high

Rejoice and dance, praise your name,

You’re with me in the storm

my shelter from the rain

You say "stick around child

I’m going to use you to convince this whole

world there's no need to feel blue

Remind them of my unconditional love

To just repent and pray to me up above

I’ll come running to them as I did you

To make their Grey skies the brightest blue

To show them the mysteries of me above

The beginning where it started

This thing called love

When they put me first above all else

Instead of down low or up on a shelf

I’ll teach them how you’re all just here

For the test, to learn different lessons

That you hoped to be best

From Glory to Glory they will learn

What that means

How to see around what this evil

world schemes

To focus on me and nothing else

So I can come lead them to victory

And everything that it foretells.

Author Leslie Renee'

Dream Again

You pulled me from prison

you opened the latch

You held out your hand

my strongholds no longer attached

You mended my heart

you vanquished my sin

You said " Now beloved

this is where we begin"

You took your strong hands and reshaped my mind

told me to leave all my worries behind

You said to look up

keep my eyes just on you

Nothing on earth beats the view beside you

You planted me firm on your solid rock

You showed me your vision

your plan from the start

You taught me to love

through untethered eyes

To never give up

regardless of sight

To always believe in things not yet seen

to open my heart and to once again dream.

Author Leslie Renee'

No matter what tomorrow may bring

I'm standing today on your promises deemed

Each day I look forward to the new mystery

That points me to you and all that that means

I'll count it all joy

There can be no more doubt

That you alone decide when I come in and when I go out

I'll take time to listen to your every word

Knowing their life and that matters for sure

Thanks for your spirit

That guides me each day

Showing me when to step out in faith.

Author Leslie Renee'

You saw me by the river

You felt my broken heart

You heard me cry "forgive me Father

please send your fiery spark"

I need to know you see me

please show me that you're here

Standing right beside me

in my moment of despair

I took your love for granted

I let the whole world rule me

Please can you forgive me

or am I too far out to sea?

Your love is so amazing

your Grace beyond compare

For me you sent a Savior

my salvation you meant to spare.

Author Leslie Renee'

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