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Perfect Love

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

We live in a world telling us everyday that we

need to be better, different than we are. Even if

we are kind and loving and compassionate we

are still judged by the things we say or who we

express ourselves to be.

We all act like we made ourselves in the womb. We didn’t pick our place of birth or family that we were born into. We didn’t decide where we would go to school or what people would go there with us.

God determines our steps, he made the plan,

he wrote the story. (Proverbs 16:9) This verse tells me what I knew as a child but allowed the world to take away from me for awhile.

God loves us unconditionally. He has a plan for

our lives from beginning to end. His plan is

perfect and it allows us to experience “life”. He

lets us fall, he picks us up to rise again just like

he did his beautiful son Jesus. You can run

from the Rise but he will overcome you. His

love is that big. You can not be “too lost” or “too

broken” for his overwhelming love and


You never have to fear him not loving you,accepting you or wanting you. HE doesn’t

make mistakes. He is PERFECT LOVE.

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