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Oh How He Love Us!

Oh how GOD Loves Us!

I have to once again shout it from the rooftops how God has changed my life! I can’t contain it!

I wish I had the ability to take every single person I see and grab them by the hand and tell them how very special they are to Jesus! I wish I could tell each one that every thing that has happened in your life good or bad has had a purpose to bring you closer to your creator!

Most don’t realize it because most of my life neither did I but God has been chasing you down your whole life trying to show and tell you how very much he loves you. He wants you to know he never expected one of us to be perfect! That’s why he sent his Perfect son! He wants you to know that no matter what you have done in your life it is never to bad for him to love you! He will accept you just as you are and if you allow him he will give you a new life. He will wash all the old away and allow you to start again. He will restore your joy, your love for yourself and others, your peace and he will make you whole like you were before this world stepped in and started corrupting you. He will give you back your child like faith except he will also give you the wisdom not to make the same mistakes again.

I can’t say allowing him in makes your life easier, if anything for awhile it gets harder. But I can tell you that it’s worth every trial, every struggle and it beats any other feeling you have yet had.

The peace and joy alone are worth every tear you have cried or ever will cry. He is so much more than what we have been taught he is. He is the most perfect love to ever exist and there’s no way you will ever want to miss it once you have truly experienced it.

He will give you the wisdom to see life from his view. He will teach you why life is as it is and what your purpose for being here is. You will get to experience that unconditional love we all hear about ourselves.

If you’re tired of listening to the world lie to you and convince you that life is about you being the “I Am” and never feeling like the “I Am” then run to him, he is the very one who made you who “you are”. You are here to proclaim exactly who HE is. He is the one who loves you more than anything he’s ever created! He is so worthy of our love, praise and admiration! Let him show you his love!

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