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Looking For Love

So many of us spend our whole lives longing to be LOVED, wondering why we can't find it in any person or thing. We look in a bottle or a pill or drug yet we still feel lost, alone and empty.

Then one day God shows up on the scene. Usually it’s after we have exhausted all other avenues of our search for love and find ourselves in despair and sitting in a ditch or pit so deep we have no way out of it in our strength alone.

It’s there we look up from the darkness of our self dug pit and see a small faint ray of light that offers a speck of hope for a rescue. We hear a quiet small voice in our heart that says “I’m here child, just waiting on you to ask me to help you up.” If we hear this and really look hard we see the outline of our dear Jesus’s shadow there in that faint light reaching down in our pit to pull us up to the light, to bring us up out of death to life.

It’s then we either choose to grab his hand and hold on for dear life as he brings us up one step at a time. Those first steps are tough because there’s so much dirt on top of us, so much weight we have to allow him to clear before we can began to breath a sigh of relief and begin to feel like progress is happening.

He has to apply so much water and soap that it seems he’s truly going to scrub our flesh off of us and then we realize that’s exactly his goal. He’s going to rid us of all this dirt from the world we have accumulated. Jealousy, pride, anger, lust, greed, it ALL has to go.

I see a vision of the word LOVE, it’s spotless white, the brightest white you can imagine being dropped into the darkest mud puddle. As it falls in it is stained by all the evilness we experience in life. LOVE is there being covered up by the black darkness.

God LOVED us so much he planned a escape for LOVE. He planned to come into the mud puddle to save us from the darkness. He put himself in a body of flesh and he suffered a brutal death so we could hear him cry to himself “Forgive Them They Know Not What They Do”!

He knew we would not know how to find our way home alone. He knew how dark it would be. He knew he would be our LIGHT needed to find our way home.

He doesn’t force us to accept the light, he’s to gentle to force his love , or his rescue, but oh how he longs for us to want it! To want the love he freely offers, the help to find our way back to the LOVE he created each of us to be!

LOVE is the only way home! He is the ONLY rescue coming! Please stop running from LOVE! It’s here now, in him alone!

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