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ISAIAH 58- God’s Call To Action

When I first came upon ISAIAH 58 I was so grateful to receive the great instruction the LORD had given to us all. I immediately knew it was the way he wanted all his children to be. I read it and KNEW it was my way to finding him and to be in his perfect will. I then made it my mission to do exactly what it instructed. And sure enough what he promised would be the outcome came to pass.

What surprised me the most was when I began to share this info with others in my circle or with others in “church” the response I got was , I’m glad to see God has called “you” to do this, I have no doubt it’s “your” calling. All I could do was wonder if I should go read it again, maybe I had missed where he had written my name in the scripture found here.

After reading it again many times I am convinced that this chapter is not written for “me” alone. It is NOT written for a individual or a small group, it is written for everyone that calls themselves a “Christian”.

God calls everyone of us to love, care and take action carrying the burdens for one another. Especially for those less fortunate than ourselves in any shape or form. He doesn’t just call for us to throw money in a offering plate or to drop a dollar in the can for Salvation Army at Christmas.

He calls for us to put ourselves out for others. To give up a bed to someone who has no bed. To invite the homeless stranger to our table to eat and to give the ones with no clothes ample clothing to cover themselves. He calls us to give rides to doctors and meetings that people must have to live that have no drivers license or car to get there.

He calls us all to care for widows that are lonely and sad and living on fixed incomes. He calls us to house moms with babies that have no where else to go.

Everyone screams for each to stay in their own lane while in my understanding we are all called to the same lane, the same purpose. That purpose being the act of love and selflessness. The same action that Jesus himself performed when he chose to come here and die a brutal death on a cross so that we might gain salvation.

We are told that we died with Christ therefore we would share in his sufferings yet most believe that placing a few dollars in the offering plate is the most suffering they are willing to do. It can’t be this way. God is calling us all to give more of ourselves to each other. Not just a few of us but all of us.

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