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Iron Sharpens Iron

Thank you Jesus for allowing us to understand this powerful verse! You also tell us in Matthew 10:36 A man’s family will be his worst enemies. This shows us that you strategically place members in our family that will cause friction which in turn causes us to be made stronger in areas we are each weak in. Not one of us being perfect but all just enough different that then forces us to see life from different perspectives.

As we grow up our spirit man we see that you do truly work ALL things together for the good of those that love you. Help us to see through each other where WE are weak. Help us to learn unconditional love ( being made into your image) through every circumstance that we are presented with daily. Help us to lean on you alone to be the judge while we extend a loving thought, hand and heart to all that appear to be different than us.

Help us to see “the whole story” and not just some of it. Sharpen us into the beautiful masterpieces you planned from the start! We love you because you first loved us.

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