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He Responds To Our Hearts Cries

I was in such a dark place yesterday morning. The spiritual warfare I’ve been under has often felt so overwhelming that I didn’t think I could make it through it. I cried out to Jesus and I ask him to please send me someone to help, someone to need me so I would be forced to leave my house and get out into the day and to be used in some way to glorify him. My heart was so heavy, my mind in such torment. Within 10 minutes of my prayer my friend texted me to go help her and her beautiful church family cook for the homeless. As soon as I happily accepted the offer I cried again thanking God for once again coming to my rescue and hearing my prayer.

He sustains me every time I am weak. He’s never absent , he’s always so faithful to rise up to my need. I am so humbled by his attention and his urgent response.

My whole demeanor changed within seconds. My unspeakable joy rose so high that I could barely contain it.

I went to help and met some of the most amazing children of God there. They were all so loving, so kind, so welcoming and so ready to share their stories and listen to our advice and our message of Gods love for them. As I left to come home I thanked God again for giving me a reason to love someone other than myself.

Carrying our cross and dying to self is such a hard thing to do in these human bodies but as we do it we experience life and love and joy in the truest form that God intended it to be when we were all created. Again I was reminded that love is more about what we give away instead of what we receive.

If you want to experience your best life try looking for someone you can help and show love too instead of looking for someone to show it to you.

If you are in your own battle with spiritual warfare, run to the Father and ask him to place people in your life that his heart longs to give grace and mercy to. He won’t let you down. May everything I do be to glorify him alone. He most definitely deserves it!

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