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God Moments

My God moment today. 10/18/2022

I have this young woman we’ve been trying to witness to and trying to allow God to use us to help her get her life to a better standing. Yet no matter what we do or sacrifice for her she sees us as the enemy. Even when we tell her and show her through action that we love her she refuses to believe it.

As I was pondering this over in my heart a few minutes ago I realized this is how we do God in our own lives. He has been so very faithful to perform miracle after miracle for my family. He has been so faithful to run to my defense and show up and show out every day of my life yet when life gets a little tough I cry wondering why he’s allowing this in my life. I cry thinking he must not truly love me or he would fix everything I need fixed. I question why if he knew I would suffer mentally over things he doesn’t just stop it from happening.

Just as I can’t make decisions for this young lady he doesn’t make decisions for me. He allows life to happen and then ask that we trust that he is always doing or allowing things in our lives that in the end bring the best result for us and for his glory to be seen through it and us.

I see now that this situation with this young women is here for this very purpose. So that I can see myself in his mirror. All I can say today, this moment is To You Alone be the Glory LORD! Ty for opening my eyes to see myself.

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