God Calling “The Body” To Step Up And Be The Example He Made Us To Be

I was so excited to see and read this article! God has been telling me for two years he was calling The Body of Christ to step up and take the care giving role he tells all that they should do without hesitation. To carry one another’s burdens and to give a hand up not just a hand out. It’s time for us to be the example of the love we should all be. Ty Jesus! I pray your will be done on earth as in heaven! https://apnews.com/article/religion-homelessness-36b9a986ebbf9317db08b7ac803e2600?fbclid=IwAR1oSMNuaeey0tL2DHimlXOIooOByUx7FC05NB2sSjK9ZjNjxcMaTSfbjZk&fs=e&s=cl

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