From His Heart

God is calling all who will come to him today. He is saying when you call on him he will comfort you and help you. He is saying that he loves you just as you are not as you will be. Run to him and let him begin to heal your hurt, pain and disparity.

Allow the precious Holy Spirit to go to work in your life so he can prepare you for eternity.

God loves us all so very much. He’s not up there keeping tally. He’s deciding ways to show his mercy and grace and perfect love.

He is telling us to stop looking at what this world is selling as “important “. It’s not real, it’s just distractions to keep

us from looking at him and for looking to him . He’s saying to stop looking for reasons to argue and hate your family and neighbors. Stop judging one another and know what he thinks of each of us is all that matters.

Pray for those you perceive as your enemy because one day you may be living beside them in heaven. Who you perceive as a enemy may be the very person or people he uses to fix what is broken in you.

Remember “If God Be For Us WHO can be against us? Remember Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life. Jesus is perfect love. See everyone around you as you see Jesus, with eyes and hearts of LOVE. Repent for the Kingdom Of God is at hand. Praise him! Hallelujah

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