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Updated: Mar 20

God by his gracious loving nature often times allows us to see connection. Over the past few years he has allowed me to be a witness to how offenses come into peoples lives and how those then travel through a family line repeating itself over and over until one ( some person in that family line ) clearly sees the repetitive offense and then decides the offense must stop with them.

I can give you many examples of this but instead I’ll choose one.

A man makes a child with a woman, he then disappears from that child’s life or he stays but is a neglectful parent that mistreats the mom, he doesn’t financially support the child or mom. A few years in he disappears and over the course of the child’s life he is in and out of the child’s life. The child grows up and repeats the same mistakes his father did. He then has children of his own and the cycle continues. That is until a child somewhere in the line stops one day and recognizes that this behavior is a repeating one. He then decides that he will not follow the same pattern but will instead do the opposite of it. He will not have children he leaves and he will get into a committed relationship and support it in all areas. Staying to be a parent and husband and raise his children. With him the repeated offense finally stops and his family line can be healed of this trauma.

Example 2… a woman raised in foster care has numerous children that are also put into foster care. This cycle continues until one day one of the children as they become a adult see the pattern and decide the offense stops with them.

We as a society need to make it our duty to also notice these patterns and step in when one finally decides they want to be the ”one” to break the cycle.

God put us into family units and into communities because he knew and expected us to love one another as ourselves. He expects us to step up and help all who are struggling to save their family.

Often times we spend all our time concentrating on our own problems and never realizing that the grand answer lies in taking our thoughts off of ourselves and putting our thoughts on solving the problems of our neighbor. If our thoughts are always focused on the other person it travels the circle. So we too have others focused on our struggles as we focus on theirs. At that point love circles the globe and all needs are cared and prayed for. Toxic cycles are ended and new creations emerge.

The book of Job in the Bible is a very clear illustration of this. As long as Job focused on himself nothing got better in his life. He actually lost every thing he had. It was only when he got honest with God about how he felt and when he started praying for his friends burdens and asking God to bless them that he regained all he had lost plus more.

Have you lost things in your life? Have you spent a exuberant amount of time praying for yourself to see no improvement or answer? Maybe we can try taking our focus off of our life and find others that are struggling and suffering and pray for God to intervene for them and see if our life begins to improve too. God bless


God is calling all who will come to him today. He is saying when you call on him he will comfort you and help you. He is saying that he loves you just as you are not as you will be. Run to him and let him begin to heal your hurt, pain and disparity.

Allow the precious Holy Spirit to go to work in your life so he can prepare you for eternity.

God loves us all so very much. He’s not up there keeping tally. He’s deciding ways to show his mercy and grace and perfect love.

He is telling us to stop looking at what this world is selling as “important “. It’s not real, it’s just distractions to keep

us from looking at him and for looking to him . He’s saying to stop looking for reasons to argue and hate your family and neighbors. Stop judging one another and know what he thinks of each of us is all that matters.

Pray for those you perceive as your enemy because one day you may be living beside them in heaven. Who you perceive as a enemy may be the very person or people he uses to fix what is broken in you.

Remember “If God Be For Us WHO can be against us? Remember Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life. Jesus is perfect love. See everyone around you as you see Jesus, with eyes and hearts of LOVE. Repent for the Kingdom Of God is at hand. Praise him! Hallelujah

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