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I decree and declare in the mighty name of Jesus by the authority received from my Heavenly Abba Father that our world is coming into its greatest time of true Revelation of the most powerful Love of God. We are not a broken world or a broken mankind! We are each being made into the perfect love image that is God our creator. Many will begin to see mighty Miracles happening in them and around them. Bodies will be healed and hearts will be healed. Families will come together in unity and love for one another where division has been sown. All will see their fellow man that is suffering in poverty and reach out with love and compassion to pull them out of the pit. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will not just be taught in a building two days a week but will be lived out day to day as a example for lost souls to seek and cause them to long for this peace and joy in their own lives. Many will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent and start to turn their lives around and realize that each day they awake God is giving them permission to start over, to try again, to live the purposeful life he has planned for us. They will run into his wide open loving arms that long to show each of us his pure unconditional love that only he possesses. I hear my Father say “You Are Not Broken” “You are Mine”, come let me love you, let me cleanse you, let me purify you and give you eternal life!


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