Freshly Composed


Love is for the Young

The young lady spoils me with her smile, she told me ‘If love is for the old, she would carry...


Tired and of Love

My tired feet knows no rest, knows no length My mind imagines, it takes blood for the body to be I...


For you are only a Man

For you are only a man, Dear Adam Look beyond, the glories of this world is falling flat The pops...


I resign to thee

In tears and mourning I resign to thee True love, my maker, My breast to thee All the years would...


I await my Love to Me

For my love was kept hidden From me, It rained a hundred days and nights And the storm covered your...


Death O come me by?

Death, O come me by? Fill up your miseries with the Wishes of man Sadden up your moments with...


When Death shall come

Pass only by night When Death shall come Let your lamp be burning bright For the far fields...


My Words come alive

Bits by bits, my words come alive in me, it kicks like an infant wanting to be freed I want to set...


Healing in Sorrow

When all hope is lost And we are left but a wooden Cross Flee no more Your pride is found The...

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