Freshly Composed


The Tears of a Mother

Have you tasted the tears of a Mother in pain? I have I would spare you the taste The loose rocks...


O beautiful soul

O beautiful soul the secret of love sleep within our hearts Do not awaken, lest it takes flight Let...


How to Pray

To steady my ink, and improve my wordings. I signed up as a writer for; a site...


The Adulterous woman

I looked into her soul and saw the need to be delivered She was tossed to my side her final prayers...



O Beelzebub, prince of the bottomless pit, armies of the dark world cling to your feet They spread...


And the day is night

And the day shall turn to night, the sun is out of town A child is taking the stranger round...


Be Healed

Be healed, be at peace Let go of the vile and dark secret Wipe the tears that cycle the entire...


The Lost

Who would have proclaimed him lost, he who’s always there Who would have searched with a...


You know me

You know me, my anger, my days You know my thoughts my gaze, my memories and pain You know my...

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